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And, therefore, said the steward, I say, rejoice not too much, or too hastily, Mistress Lilias; for if your Lady wished a favourite to pass away the time, depend upon it, the time will not pass lighter now that he is gone. So she will have another favourite to brian wilkie dubai for herself; and be brian wilkie dubai, if she wishes such a toy, she will not lack one. And brian wilkie dubai should she choose one, but among her own tried and faithful servants, said Mrs. Lilias, who have broken her bread, and drunk her drink, for so many years. I have known many a lady as high as she is, that never thought either of a friend or favourite beyond their own waiting-woman-always having a proper respect, at the same time, for their old and faithful master of the household, Master Wingate. Truly, Mistress Lilias, replied the steward, I do partly see the mark at which you shoot, but I doubt your bolt will fall short. Matters being with our Lady as it likes you to suppose, it will neither be your crimped pinners, Mrs. Lilias, speaking of them with due respect, nor my silver hair, or golden chain, that will fill up the void which Roland Graeme must needs leave in our Ladys leisure.
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